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Spring Skin Care!

The Winter can be harsh on our skin. Seasonally it is important to assess the products we use to assure that our skin is receiving the attention it deserves!

Here are a few items to remember for Spring:

1. Hydrate! Yup, this is the water talk. Drink up buttercup, the days are longer, it’s getting warmer and you’re starting to sweat a bit more. During the Winter we use heavier oils to seal in moisture, in the Spring we can lighten things up a bit! Using oils such as Jojoba to seal can bode amazing results, without a heavy feeling.

2. Protect! We’ve been in our houses all Winter, now we get to go outside and absorb the sun’s Vitamin D! Let’s start a garden, plant flowers or just clean up all of those leaves! Whatever we do, we MUST remember sunscreen! Natural sunscreens such as Wheat Germ oil and Cocoa Butter can be found in our Fresh! Body Butter and are great options to keep you protect! 

3. Exfoliate! Skin is one of the constant things that is ever changing (i.e. shedding & replenishing). It is necessary to gently remove that built up dead skin, especially if it’s not something you do very often. Using sugar based exfoliants like our Rise and Rest Sugar scrubs pack a quadruple punch with the exfoliating sugar, moisture sealing oils, enriching ALA and healing essential oils.

Spring is my favorite time of year! I love watching the flowers blooming, being able to put away my coats and boots and put on that sun dress that I love so much! With all of that, I have to remind myself the same as I am reminding you to protect largest organ I have, my skin!